The cultural association Arthena

The Arthena association is a non-commercial, sponsored by the City of Lerici founded by Professor Mario Tamberi. The President is Angelo Tonelli since 1998, with a board made up of Giuliano Diofili, Giuseppe Milano, Iris Varese, Mario Sassarini, Virgilio Urrico. The job of president is to coordinate the courses, and cultural and artistic activities of the school, together with the directors.
The management of Tonelli successor after conclusion and depletion of the previous Mario Tamberi. In these 10 years, we have offered an average of five courses per season, or from October to June, with an average of 50-60 students.
We have proposed courses in painting, theater, creative writing, restoration, yoga, ancient greek philosophy, egyptology, chasing, self, search for Self, tai chi, guitar, dance, all with qualified teachers, and for a long time we have hosted the otherwise skillful, which were then based in San Terenzo autonomous.
This year we opened in early October courses Theater and Creative Writing (professor Angelo Tonelli), painting (Giuliano Diofili), Restoration (Sandro Baruzzi), and short courses will start for the history of philosophy and ancient greek. 
In addition to providing skills through education of professionals in various fields, the courses have worked as a remarkable moment of aggregation: at school, which I called Free Republic of Arts and Letters, is an energy definitely alive and creative, which culminates in seasonal festivals of art, which have seen all the students involved, and the group of painters (among the best known of the province) that in recent years have always cooperated with the various initiatives of the School: I report, among others, Peter Bellani, Carlo Carozzi, Alberto Sordi, Elisa Corsini, Francesco Martera, Cristina Balsotti, Paul Fiorellini, Claudia Guastini, Lucia Vignali, Renzo Ricciardi, Francesca Sivori, Gianluca Cupisti, Mario Tamberi. 
Characteristic of the School is to provide a means anyone who wishes to deepen refined artistic, literary, philosophical, not academic, but with extreme rigor that is associated with a sense of individual creativity.
The major findings in this regard were at the Theater, Painting and Creative Writing. As for the theater, some of the students have worked on major international events, such as Argonauts in the Gulf, in collaboration with the College of Charleston (South Carolina) and national (performances in Altramarea, national review of contemporary poetry) and are went to tour (in June 2006, with a show on Calvino at Villa Nobel in San Remo); The Creative Writing Workshop, focused on poetry, each year produces leaflets with the texts of the best students, since last year and focuses on study of some poets, which produce events.
The course of painting, conducted with great professionalism and passion by Mr. Giuliano Diofili provides the basic technical foundations that help students to realize their works, after having passed through the study of the great painters of the past.
In recent years Arthena has become a reality reality with deep roots in the province, where we are present both as a training school and as promoters of events, and has developed links established at national level (different associations in Milan, with constant reports poets of national fame scattered throughout the country, involved in Altramarea; with the University of Pisa, Bologna and Padua etc.) and international (Trinity College Dublin, the College of Charleston in South Carolina, which sponsors Argonauts in the Gulf ). In particular, in the Gulf Argonauts of the gods, which takes place every year with the artistic direction of Angelo Tonelli, in addition to being entered in the history of contemporary poetry thanks to which it devoted the magazine of the Center for Studies in Romanticism directed by Lille Crisafulli of the University of Bologna, is becoming increasingly important, thanks to the presence of world-renowned musicians as Glenn Velez and Lori Cotler, and major U.S. and Italian poets, and in May 2008, under the title Argonauts-Aquae Mundi was Opening the event of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, having great success. Altramarea, the laboratory of poetry in the open air, held every year at Tellaro in 2006 came to the tenth edition. The publisher Campanotto, one of the largest publishers of poetry nationally published an anthology of Altramarea, edited by me, which collects the texts of the greatest poets spoken in recent years (including Conte, Baudin etc) which was presented in Milan, Pisa, Genoa, Viareggio, Heidelberg, Budapest.
The course of theater, in addition to various performances, produces each year for ten years, a great spectacle, which is represented all'Astoria and then in Piazza Garibaldi and other areas during the summer. Over the past five years has focused on Greek tragedy, because Angelo Tonelli was responsible for Marsilio Bompiani and the monumental edition of all the tragedies of all Greek tragedy, and in this way, the laboratory theater is a research firm that allows him to translations and interpretations have first-hand on a national breath.
Over Initiation's Theater, on which Tonelli directs all the courses at  the Arthena, was released one volume, available on site, sponsored dall'Assessorato of Culture, with texts by Angelo Tonelli and photos of Ugo Ugolini. To note the great coordination activities of the events of art performed by Giuliano Diofili, which also makes important installations for the theater and at Argonauts and Altramarea.
The president of the Arthena
Angelo Tonelli